Richard Church’s Vegan Cook School

Fed up of having to decide what to eat every day?

Bored of eating the same things over and over again?

If you’re struggling to decide what to eat every day, if you want to start putting great vegan food on the table, or if you simply want to know more about what’s involved in vegan cooking, you NEED to check out Richard Church’s Vegan Cook School. My video classes will take all the hard work away and get you cooking food you never thought possible.

It’s like have me right there in the kitchen with you!

It’s free to get started, so what’s stopping you?

Come and join a fast-growing community of people learning to make amazing vegan food!

Richard Church’s Vegan cook School gives you video lesson of vegan meals from start to finish.

How to prep and cook vegetables. How to make seitan and what to do with it. Working with aquafaba. Cooking rice to perfection. How to make omelettes, curries, pies, pizzas, burgers, Yorkshire puddings and much, much more…

The recipes use simple ingredients that are available from most supermarkets, and those few that are not, I provide a link to where online you can get them.

You also get nutritional information for each dish, so you know exactly what you’re eating!

Have a look at the trailers of some of the classes below:

(Videos on auto play are muted. Click on the dots in the bottom left of the videos to unmute)

What Members Say!

So happy I joined! It is such great Value! Less than £1.50 a week! My Home is filled with productive cooking during watching Richards cooking and cooking it! My home is filled with an aroma of deliciousness! And cooking is spot on !!! I rarely promote anyone! This is a bargain extraordinaire!

Louise, Member

So happy I joined Richard! The videos are fabulous and inspiring because they are very easy to understand and completely do-able.

Cat, Member

I am loving the videos and recipes so much! Thank you for doing this, Richard Church, I’m doing to make sure to make at least one recipe a week until I get through them all!

Gretchen, Member

How do I sign up?

  • Just click on any of the sign up links on this page.
  • You will then be directed to my Patreon website.
  • Click on either ‘Start Free Trial‘ or ‘Save 10% if you pay annually‘.
  • You will then be guided through the sign-up process.
When you get to my Patreon site, simply click on ‘Become a Patreon‘, or ‘Start 7-Day Free Trial‘. You can also check the Pay Annually checkbox and save 10%. You will then be guided through the setup process.

What is Richard Church’s Vegan Cook School?

Richard Church’s Vegan Cook School is my online vegan membership site, dedicated to teaching you the best of vegan cooking.

Learn to cook amazing vegan food from scratch in fully detailed video lessons that you can watch again and again from the comfort of your own home.

We all want to eat the food we love, the food we grew up with. Being vegan doesn’t change that. What we don’t want is the cruelty that comes along with those much-loved meals. Yet we also don’t want to stress about what to make each day, or how to make this or that dish vegan. We want to be able to just get on with it!

This is where Richard Church’s Vegan Cook School can help.

What to expect.

New lessons are added frequently to keep you up to date with your learning. Each lesson contains a recipe for you to cook from start to finish, with 2 different camera angles to give you a full view of the dish. You can also leave comments or ask questions on each of the lessons.

Each lesson comes with a pdf of the full ingredients list and nutritional information for the dish, so you’ll always know what you need to get and and what the health benefits are.

What about Gluten-Free?

Lots of my recipes are gluten-free, and some can be made gluten-free with a few minor adjustments. Each lesson that is gluten-free is labelled so. You can also use the search bar to find the recipes you need.

Want to see the classes? Just watch the trailers below

7-Day Free Trial

Try it FREE for 7 days. If membership isn’t for you, just unsubscribe within 7 days and pay nothing!

There are No Commitments

Membership is just £4.50 + VAT (about £5.50 total) per month (or save 10% with an annual membership)

You Can Cancel Anytime

While 1-minute Instagram food videos are great to watch, they do not teach you how to really cook the recipe at hand. For that you need something a bit more substantial. Richard Church’s Vegan Cook School gives you all the information you need to make amazing vegan meals, fit to impress the most demanding dinner guest.

Watch From Anywhere in the World!

Pay Via Debit Card or PayPal!

Only £4.50 per Month + VAT! (Or Your Country Equivalent)

Save 10% with an annual membership

These are online classes, which means that, once you’re a member, you can watch from anywhere in the world, over and over again and entirely at your own pace.

My videos teach you the dish from beginning to end, with long and close-up shots so that you can see everything that’s going on. Whether you’re a seasoned cook or a complete novice, there is something in these classes for you.

  • Learn great cooking hacks to give you amazing results every time
  • Learn how to make meringues out of chickpea water
  • Learn to make sauces, and risottos
  • Learn vegan Yorkshire puddings, as well as light and delicious chocolate cake
  • Master the art of flavour balance and food presentation
  • Learn to make perfect pizza dough from scratch

Meal times will never be the same again!

Classes are hosted on my Patreon site, and you can join using the links on this page. Payment can be made via PayPal, and you can cancel any time.

Membership is £4.50 + VAT per month

(about £5.50 inclusive, or save 10% with annual membership)

New classes are added often!

If you have any questions, or would like any further information, please contact me using the form below.

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