Restaurant Consulting

Struggling to Create Great Vegan and Gluten-Free Options for Your Restautrant?

You’re Not Alone…

As each year passes, the demand for plant-based food grows bigger and bigger. More and more options are becoming available in the supermarkets and online stores, with new products being released on a seemingly weekly basis. As people look for healthier eating options and become increasingly aware of the effects our food choices have on our planet, so the demand for vegan options grows.


Food chains such as Greggs have seen an increase in profits due to the introduction of vegan alternatives to their products, proving that there is more desire for this way of eating than ever before.

Yet many restaurants are still struggling to offer good vegan options on their menus.

With everybody having access to daily social media and being bombarded with beautiful pictures of food containing no animal products whatsoever, it is more important than ever to have good vegan and also gluten-free options on your restaurant menu.

This is where Richard Church can help.

Richard Church can help your chefs get to grips with vegan and gluten-free cooking through on-site training and consulting.

Your Chefs can:

  • Learn the essentials of vegan and gluten-free cooking

  • Plan effective menus and recipe development

  • Choose vegan alternatives to recreate classic dishes

  • Wow your customers with incredible vegan and gluten-free choices. 

Richard Church had 30 years cooking experience, with nearly 20 of those being in the restaurant and pub industry. He worked as a professional chef for over 10 years, and has also done plenty of hours waiting tables (including silver service) as well as behind the bar.

Richard is the author of the plant-based cookbooks Going Vegan and Vegging Out.

For more information, or to book these services, use the contact form below. You can also call or email to find out how Richard can help you get amazing plant-based and gluten-free food on your menu.