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If you’re looking for great food using entirely plant-based ingredients, then you’ve come to the right place.

Deciding what to make for dinner every day isn’t easy at the best of times. We all get stuck in a rut, eating the same things over and over again, either too tired or too unsure to venture into the culinary unknown. Being vegan can be that much more of a challenge. When you switch to a plant-based diet, there are old habits to break and new ingredients to get used to. There are labels to read and alternatives to our familiar diet to select.

Whether you’re an established vegan wanting to learn new food, or just transitioning, I want to help you create the food you want to eat.

Though I’ve been vegan since 2014, I have spent the last thirty years cooking and learning about food. It has been a lifelong passion that led me to cook in professional kitchens for 10 years, as well as well as experiment and learn in my free time.

Try My Dry Curry of Cabbage and Roast Tomatoes

Dry Curry of Cabbage and Roast Tomatoes

A dry vegetable curry is a new concept for me, having always had curries that are full of sauce. The possibilities for a dry curry are as varied as those for a sauce one, the only real difference is that you omit the liquid. This omission can also make the cooking time shorter, which is…

This website is the product of my learning and experimentation over all those years, and an expression of my continued passion and exploration. I hope you read through this collection of recipes and articles and feel the same joy that I did creating them. My blog is updated constantly, so please keep checking back: there will always be new food to cook. You can visit the recipes page to search for individual recipes by title or ingredients, or you can click through the categories menu to pick a section you are looking for.

Thank you again for visiting and happy plant-based cooking.

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No Bake Blueberry Tart

This tart is much more in the style of a cheesecake, with its biscuit base and deep-filled centre. The reason I have refrained from calling it a cheesecake is because I have not used anything resembling a soft cheese flavour. If you want to experiment, then I see no reason why not to use some…

Double Chocolate & Pecan Cookies – Vegan and Gluten Free

These cookies are dark and rich, soft inside with a crisp outer coating. The essence of what a cookie should be, with the added benefit of being both vegan and gluten-free. The pecan nuts add an extra depth and crunch, something that appeals to me. If you have a nut allergy, though, these can be…

Vegan Sausages in Champagne Batter

Champagne actually makes for a very delicious batter. It’s not, perhaps, the first thing one would think of. Beer, certainly, but not champagne. However, I happened to be making another recipe with champagne and had some left over. As I no longer drink, I figured I’d put it to some other culinary use. These vegan…

Homemade Seitan

Prior to what I’ll call the plant-based revolution, and by that I’m referring to this period of time we’re living in right now where new vegan (often meat-like) products are being released onto the market on a seemingly weekly basis, vegans would satisfy their desire for simulated meat by making homemade seitan. There are a…

Vegan Yorkshire Puddings.

You can also switch to regular flour if you have no gluten issues. I don’t mind telling you that this vegan Yorkshire pudding recipe has taken some experimentation to get right, so I’m quite excited to release it now. These are fully vegan, fully gluten-free Yorkshire puddings. Now finally, we can complete our Sunday meals.…